Premium Italian Saffron Powder of Mokashop Switzerland

CHF 3.90

Our saffron powder is obtained from a selection of very high quality stigmas.

Italian saffron powder is processed according to ancient methods, in order not to alter the quality of the product. The packaging is carried out at the time of the order, to keep the product always fresh.
Saffron is produced by our company with the annual cultivation technique, it reflects the requirements of the ISO 3632 standard which is positioned in the first quality.
The appreciation of consumers has classified us as the best Italian product. The high price of saffron is given by the patient and tiring work required to obtain it.

0.15 gram sachet

 Italian saffron powder Italian saffron powder how to recognize quality

It has always been the main reason for the continuous and different sophistications in various foreign countries.
The flower is made up of 3 pistils and one yellow part that is called "female", which has no organoleptic properties (coloring, bittering, fragrant power) therefore no commercial value.

How to recognize high quality Italian saffron powder and without sophistication?

The powder contained in the sachet has a bright red color and not clear like the color of the " Curcuma “ .
The smell should be smelled as soon as you take the sachet in your hands, and the taste should be delicate on the palate.

Tips for using our Italian saffron powder < / strong>

Carefully infuse the saffron in a little warm water.
The powder dissolves evenly and quickly with respect to the stigmas, which lightly crushed before soaking.
Furthermore, the sachet is easily dosed and retains its organoleptic properties longer.
Add to the dish halfway through cooking and mix well.

Quantity to use

A 0.15 gram sachet of Italian Saffron Powder is enough for 3/4 people.

So be wary of sachets of saffron that you don't know and which have only recently been on the market.
It will be your palate to convince yourself if you have made a good choice.