Twinings Gift Box Mixed Selection 40 filters 2020 of Twinings

CHF 19.20

Twinings Gift Box in paper converting 2020 Mixed Selection 40 filters

Packaging Selection of fine Teas and Infusions
A wide assortment for those who love to choose the right blend for every moment of the day between classic teas, flavored black and green teas and a selection of the most popular 100% natural infusions.

40 filters with 8 different blends enclosed in an elegant cardboard box that becomes an ideal gift to live an enveloping experience full of aromas and flavors: English Breakfast Tea, Earl Gray Tea, Black Tea flavored with ginger and citrus, Pure Green Tea, Chamomile honey and vanilla, Ginger and lemon infusion, Fennel, mint and licorice infusion, Turmeric and orange infusion.

A great gift idea !!!