Coffee capsules compatible Espresso Point Chocolate 16 capsules of To.Da. Caffè

CHF 6.40

L’Espresso Gattopardo CHOCOLATE coffee capsules compatible with Espresso Point system machines
Pack of 16 capsules Excellent soluble drink with CHOCOLATE flavor
Then with the cold it's a whole other thing than an apple;)
It warms you up and satisfies you more, and the calories you take are even less :)

Storage To be consumed preferably within 18 months from the production date
Ingredients Sugar, whey, skimmed cocoa powder (16%), skimmed milk powder, anti-caking agents, salt and flavorings.
Allergenic substances: Milk, lactose and derivatives. It may contain gluten and traces of nuts.
Nutritional values for 100 g of soluble product Energy value: 370 kcal / 1550 kJ
Protein: 8.5 g
Carbohydrates: 75 g
Lipids: 2.0 g
Packs of 16 capsules.