Mint and Ginger flavored Green Tea of Twinings

CHF 3.20

Twinings SuperGood Mint and Ginger is a lively and aromatic concentrate of freshness! The combination of mint and ginger, lively and spicy, enhances our green tea making it even more delicious! Mint and Ginger it is a pleasant blend at any time of the day, even for an afternoon or evening break. This flavored green tea can be sweetened with sugar or honey, without adding milk or lemon.

Twinings SuperGood  is a new generation of modern, colorful and truly explosive flavored black and green teas! We have experimented and found truly extra-ordinary combinations, which will give you an incredible sensory experience thanks also to the pyramid sachet technology, optimal for guaranteeing maximum results during the infusion phase. Twinings SuperGood is our taste revolution to be savored!

  Pyramidal Filters   | Pack of 20 filters, each contains 1.6 g