Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino of Saeco

CHF 1,176.00

Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino 9J0080

Royal One Touch Cappucino Espresso Machine. Water tank capacity: 2.2L. Bean hopper capacity: 350g. Descaling program, cleaning program. Ceramic coffee machine material. Black color.

  • Easy to install and use. The front and side accesses to the daily management parts and the simple Menu with guided operations on the display make Royal the true Plug & amp; Play solution.
  • Cappuccinatore "One Touch": integrated milk assembly device, easy to use and to clean
  • Capacitive interface with photo-realistic, backlit and intuitive color beverage icons
  • Credit de-counting system always on board the machine, with three price ranges that can be activated on the various drinks
  • Coffee group removable and washable under running water, for easy cleaning and maintenance of the heart of the machine


  • Pump pressure 15 bar
  • Water tank capacity 2.2L
  • Bean hopper capacity 350g
  • Display Yes
  • Grinder ceramic coffee grinder
  • Cleaning Descaling program, cleaning program
  • Power 1400W

A timeless icon. This is Royal. And today it is back with cutting-edge technology and high-level design. Royal is a great Saeco classic for offices and professional uses, appreciated all over the world, which finds its new strong identity. A bold design. A stylish image. Professional and functional components. A capacitive interface with photo-realistic images and an iconographic display that facilitate the choice of drink and give the machine an avant-garde style. High performance and high-tech look. Royal is all this and more. And it fits perfectly into any environment, from the most elegant to the most informal. Royal OTC (one-touch-cappuccino) offers all the functions that can make the coffee break even more enjoyable. The model dispenses coffee and hot water in addition to a fully automatic management of fresh milk. The coffee group, the professional internal components and the conical steel grinders ensure flawless and wear-proof coffee extraction. The dispenser is adjustable to different heights, from 75 to 160 mm, and allows the use of various types of glasses and cups. As per Saeco tradition, the brew group is removable and washable for quick and easy maintenance.

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