Saeco Evoca Group 2X Descaler Espresso Machine of Saeco

CHF 15.00

SAECO EVOCA GROUP 2X Descaler Espresso Machine

Protect your espresso machine

Special descaler for espresso machines

It is essential to descale the espresso machine regularly to keep it running optimally. < / span>

The special descaler for espresso machines CA6700 / 00 eliminates the descaler and antirust to protect your device and extend its life.

Exclusive formula

• For effective and safe descaling

• The result of 25 years of experience

Effective protection for your espresso machine

• Perfect descaling of hydraulic circuits

• Protects the system from limescale build-up

Extended useful life

• Regular descaling prolongs shelf life and improves taste

Quick and easy descaling

• The best formula for easy descaling

A coffee of sensational quality

• Regular descaling improves the taste of the coffee

Box containing 2 descalers of 250 ml