Spinel Ciao pod machine of Spinel

CHF 189.00


"Ciao" the new small-large espresso coffee pod machine is the ideal solution for the office and for the home: innovative and captivating shapes resulting from the collaboration with one of the most important industrial design firms in Italy, small size, 100% Spinel heart.

Water supply via 1 liter tank inserted in a transparent compartment to check the age of the water level.

The reduced wattage (400W) and optional Energy Saving System, which puts the machine in stand-by after a predetermined time of non-use, has significant savings in electricity consumption.

The new Patented Self-Cleaning Hydraulic System eliminates the problems associated with the formation of calculus in the coffee group.

The central cloche closure system guarantees great stability, allows for optimal closure of the pod, and therefore better infusion of the coffee.

Supporting frame in galvanized sheet metal gives strength and prevents rust formation; ABS cover offers quick access to the internal components of the machine, facilitating its maintenance.

Available in the coffee only version, a request can be equipped with a Credit Coffee System to control dispensing.

These are just a few features that make “Ciao” ​​a real jewel of Italian technology.

Nominal power 400W

Power supply 230V / 50Hz - 120V / 60Hz - 100V / 60Hz

Fixed thermostat thermal control at 98 °

Tank capacity 1 liter

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 140x330x300

Weight Kg 5,35

Functions 1 coffee