Essentia Luxury Gift Pouch of ESSENTIA

CHF 13.10

Fragrances: Ocean,Angel Breath,Caribe

Perfumed Essences for “Luxury” Laundry: high perfumery fragrances for a superior olfactory experience.

Scented Essences for Laundry: only the best extracts of natural essential oils, free of toxic or carcinogenic substances, to give you unique and surprising fragrances on every type of fabric.

Lasting Fragrance: Microencapsulation allows you to keep the perfume alive for a long time; the intensity of the scent increases as the fabrics rub.

Sanitizing Action: Special Formula with Quaternary Salts, which make the hygiene of your garments safer throughout the family

Green Packaging: the bottle is produced with materials of plant origin (sugar cane) and is sealed with a elegant recyclable and guaranteed leak-proof aluminum cap

Made in Italy: product formulated and made in Italy, subjected to scrupulous Quality Controls and is certified by the 'Higher Institute of Health

contains 3 bottles of 50 ml Fragrances: Ocean - Angel Breath - Caribe