Lunette pastry box 100 g of Grondona

CHF 2.90

In the late 1970s in the U.S.A. the first Chips Cookes were born. Grondona tasted and studied the recipe and rewrote it applying the rules of his method. The result is a refined shortcrust pastry scented with coconut and cocoa.

The Lunette Grondona are irresistible, an unusual encounter between the authentic Ligurian tradition and the fresh flavors that refer to exotic places. Different flavors that are linked through drops of pure chocolate. A small and delicious escape, a melting pot of tastes in a product of the pastry art that knows how to expand its boundaries.

100 gr

This product is also made with pure butter, without the addition of other fats, flavorings, dyes and other preservatives