Assorted pastry tasting gift box 600 g of Grondona

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Assorted pastry giant size Biscottificio Grondona

A maxi-size package to give and treat yourself. More than half a kilo of assorted pastries in the Grondona classics: canestrelli, lunette, cuore mori, moretti, baci di dama, cantuccini.

- Canestrelli Antica Genova®: The crispness and flavor of yesteryear in a simple shortcrust pastry that becomes special thanks to the rich ingredients: 25% butter, Madagascar vanilla beans real lemon juice and long and careful processing.
- Lunette®: Real pastries with drops of pure dark chocolate and hints of coconut, greedy and irresistible .
- Cuori Mori®: Our jealous declaration of love for good things is in a recipe that holds the secret of a deep bond between butter and cocoa . The Cuori Mori are specialties made of the most delicate shortcrust pastry, enriched with fine cocoa and with drops of pure dark chocolate.
- Moretti: The kiss of dame overturns the its flavors and turns into small hazelnut hearts covered with pure dark chocolate.
- Baci di Dama: small shells of very fine hazelnut shortcrust pastry prepared with artisanal method and carefully selected ingredients combined with a thick veil of pure dark chocolate.
- Cantucci: Tasty almond pastries that have always represented a confectionary excellence of "made in Italy "recreated by Grondona according to ancient recipes with 22% Bari almonds.

These products are also made with pure butter, without the addition of other fats, flavors, dyes and other preservatives


In a single package, Grondona has collected some of the most delicious recipes, to be kept in the cupboard to celebrate the beloved rites of hospitality or to collect the taste in view of daily greedy choices. In the elegant box, five qualities of pastry biscuits packaged separately in portions of four to maintain the scents and fragrances of the freshly baked.


wheat flour, sugar, butter , chocolate, egg yolk , almonds, hazelnuts , coconut, fresh eggs , cocoa, < span> milk powder, salt, lemon juice, honey, raising agents, Madagascar vanilla beans, orange blossom water, soy .

Contains a bag of powdered sugar. Ingredients: sugar, wheat starch.


Store in a cool and dry place

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g

energy 2167 kj / 518 kcal, fats 27.5 g of which saturated fatty acids 15.3 g, carbohydrates 58.8 g of which sugars 29.5 g, fibers 3.4 g, proteins 7.3 g, salt 0.13 g.


Contains Eggs Contains Hazelnuts Contains Soy Contains Wheat / Wheat

600 g

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