Panettone Milanese Duke of Alba 1000g of Grondona

CHF 27.90


Panettone from Grondona

To fully savor the soft fragrance of our Panettone, we suggest you keep it, two hours before serving, in a warm environment or near a heat source. In order not to alter its softness, it is best to cut it with a long, serrated blade knife without exerting pressure. Place the unused product in its original bag, closing it tightly.

Natural leavening from Madre Bianca Grondona comes from live yeasts and lactic ferments without selected yeasts. What is an advantage over the common brewer's yeast?
The microorganisms in natural white mother's yeast are natural anti-moulds. There are no preservatives in Grondona products.

Product hand-wrapped


Contains Eggs, Contains Milk, May Contain Nuts, May Contain Soy, Contains Wheat

Pack of 1 kg