Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L of Scalzi

CHF 45.00

Extra virgin olive oil BIO 3L

BIO extra virgin olive oil love for agriculture, from the Scalzi farm the results achieved are the result of the constant commitment to knowledge of the oil culture and the exchange of flavors handed down from father to children.

The Scalzi oil mill, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, was founded in the 1990s in Pietra Grande at about 700 meters above sea level in the municipality of Petronà. The entire production chain of ORGANIC extra virgin olive oil was created. The best 2020 extra virgin olive oils from Campania - Gambero Rosso

The oil, unique of its kind, comes from lush hilly olive groves of Petronà and surroundings and from the most modern cold extraction systems

2 liter can