MINICAPS pod machine of Rekico

CHF 169.00


DESIGN The essential lines and compact dimensions give the Minicaps a modern and elegant design, making it
ideal even for small spaces.

ADAPTABLE Thanks to its particular up-and-down spout,
Minicaps can be adapted to the height of any cup, allowing you to choose between espresso or long coffee.

FUNCTIONAL Minicaps heats up quickly and is
simple to use. It has an integrated ENERGY SAVING system that helps maintain a constant temperature. Thanks to the possibility of "washing inside the machine", Minicaps allows you to enjoy different drinks without covering their flavours. The automatic ejection of the capsules makes it functional to collect those already used in a retractable container.


• Power supply: 110V / 230V

• Power: 1000W

• 19 bar high pressure pump

• Automatic capsule ejection

• 2 buttons (on/off, coffee)

• Programmable coffee dosage

• 5 temperature levels

• Adjustable cup height with rise-and-fall spout

• Integrated energy saving

• Tank capacity 1.0 Lt

• Dimension: L 300 mm, D 128 mm, H 250 mm