Double group black pod machine with Cecilia tank of Lucaffé

CHF 1,690.00

Cecilia 2 groups Manual coffee machine for pods

Cecilia Speed 2 groups is a professional pod machine that prepares 2 to 4 coffees at the same time. It was called Speed because it is very fast, it is a compact machine and therefore takes up little space. In each group it is possible to mount the single spout (for 7 g pods, 1 cup) or the double spout (for 14 g pods, two cups). The two groups have differentiated switches in order to optimize electricity consumption. Cecilia Speed 2 groups also exists in two versions: manual or automatic. In the automatic version it is possible to set the duration of delivery: long coffee or short coffee. Like all models in the series, it is fitted with a 3 and a half liter boiler, which constitutes a significant reduction in energy consumption.

An excellent series of professional espresso coffee machines available in one, two, three and four groups.


H L P 42 x 52.5 x 45

Weight 28 Kg

Absorbed power 2900 W

9 L tank

Safety thermostat YES

Separate boiler for hot water YES

Our machines, in addition to guaranteeing the preparation of excellent espresso coffees, cappuccinos, herbal teas, infusions and chocolates, are designed starting from noble materials and with solutions aimed at obtaining the greatest possible energy savings.

Available models with exclusively manual operation or mixed operation (manual or automatic).