ZORRO-Automatic Dolce Gusto Compatible capsule machine of Cino

CHF 237.70

Capsule machine Compatible Nescafé Dolce Gusto ZORRO-A Automatic by CINO

Zorro by CINO allows you to prepare an excellent espresso coffee from home in just a few moments, just like at the bar.
Extremely easy to use and high quality materials.
Compatible with Nescafè Dolce Gusto capsules and all compatible formats.

-7 cup sizes; quantity do it yourself;
- Hot or cold delivery (temperature
environment) for beverage options;

- Color display
-Removable tank with possibility of attachment
outer tube;
-Automatic cleaning
-By reservation only

Product Name Zorro
Model CN-UA 0115
Power 1200-1400W
Pump 15 / 20Bar
Net / gross weight 3.1 / 4.1KGS
Water tank 0.550L
Dimensions 135x280x303mm

Available in 3 color variants: Black, White, Red