Licorice root sticks Amarelli 30 gr of Amarelli

CHF 4.40

Licorice roots

Classic and elegant cardboard box, 100% recyclable, compliant with the conservation dictates of an all-natural product.

Contains " Licorice roots " - Noble and selected underground branches of the popular plant, with the scientific name Glycyrrhiza Glabra, commonly referred to as licorice, ideal for an attentive and demanding consumer. Licorice root is 100% natural and comes from our plantations in Calabria.

How do you eat licorice root?

  • The licorice sticks are put directly in the mouth and once the root has softened it will be possible to suck it so as to savor the great flavor.
  • You can also peel the licorice stick for a quick tasting.

Licorice roots are perfect when tasted naturally, excellent for promoting digestion and ideal for making infusions and liqueurs.

- Length of licorice sticks: 7 centimeters
- Taste: licorice
- Pack of: 3 0gr
- Ecological container: made of 100% recyclable cardboard .

Store the licorice sticks in a cool, dry place to keep them in their natural fresh state.