Tin The Best Gnometti 307.5 gr of Loacker

CHF 19.80

There are gifts that are really hard to forget, especially if they bring the right amount of goodness to every happy moment!
The Best of Gnometti 307.5g is just one of those gifts that remains forever. All thanks to the nice tin box decorated with our cute Gnometti, keeper of 34 incredible mini-specialties individually wrapped and reusable once the delicacies inside are finished. They will delight all the people you love, from the largest to the smallest. After all, who can resist such a riot of fragrant wafer waffles, soft creams, enveloping chocolate and pretty decorations? Await you:
  • 2x Mini Original Cake 9g, the perfect circle of goodness;
  • 2x Mini Dark Noir Cake 9g, with an intense dark chocolate heart;
  • 3x Gran Pasticceria Coconut 8,3g, exotic specialties with real coconut flakes;
  • 3x Gran Pasticceria Cappuccino 8,3g, creamy and delicate;
  • 3x Gran Pasticceria Crème Noisette 8,3g, simply unique;
  • 3x Gran Pasticceria Dark Nocciolato 8,3g, with precious dark chocolate;
  • 3x Gran Pasticceria White Coconut 8,3g, incredibly delicious and delicate;
  • 3x Wafer Classic Minis Vanilla 10g, with the essence of real Bourbon vanilla beans;
  • 3x Wafer Classic Minis Napolitaner 10g, the first Loacker specialty;
  • 3x Wafer Classic Minis Cremkakao 10g, balanced harmony;
  • 3x Wafer Chocolat Minis Napolitaner 9,5g, Loacker specialty covered with dark chocolate;
  • 3x Wafer Chocolat Minis Dark-Noir 9,5g, fragrant and precious.

A great gift idea !!!