Coffee capsule Espresso Point Aroma e Gusto 100 cps of Lavazza

CHF 40.00

Lavazza Espresso Point Aroma and Gusto 00452


Creamy and spicy This is Aroma e Gusto Espresso
Blend of the best natural Arabica from Brazil and Robusta from East Africa and the Vietnamese peninsula.

Lavazza Espresso Point products espresso preparation Creamy and aromatic blend from which a round espresso with notes of precious woods is obtained.

The Lavazza Espresso Point Aroma and Gusto Capsules are the emblem of espresso rich in special spicy fragrances: a concentrate of taste and vitality!

The LavAzza Spresso Point Aroma e Gusto Capsules contain all the art of roasting the best coffees, processed according to tradition to create a sublime velvety and vigorous espresso. Pack of 100 capsules