Coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso * Decaffeinated 10 capsules of L'OR

CHF 4.20

The OR Espresso Delicato Compatible Nespresso *

Enjoy a moment of pure and simple caffeine-free pleasure, thanks to the full-bodied and refined blend of L’OR Ristretto Decaffeinato.
New generation of aluminum capsules compatible with Nespresso® * domestic machines. Each capsule is airtight, to best preserve the aromas of the coffee, and is produced using coffee beans rigorously selected by L'OR. Each cup is enriched with a creamy foam guaranteed by perfect roasting and grinding.
“Ristretto Decaffeinato” is a refined blend that captures woody aromas, caressed by notes of toasted almonds and covered with a delicate golden cream. This coffee is best enjoyed as a Ristretto.
Single-dose aluminum capsules, packaged in a protective atmosphere
Composition: ground decaffeinated coffee; caffeine not exceeding 0.10% (Ministerial Decree 20/05/1976)
Intensity: 9
Compatible with Nespresso® domestic machines *
Packaging: 10 capsules
UTZ certified
* Brand belonging to third parties not related to JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS