Ginseng Thai Break single-dose Strong of Foodrinks

CHF 15.50

Thai Break single-dose Strong

It is a soluble preparation for coffee and Ginseng drink, made for the Horeca channel and for small vending.
Its nature is strong, strong and genuine, and allows you to better appreciate the vital and energizing strength of ginseng, without sacrificing the aroma of coffee.

How do we do it?

We use only natural ingredients, blended with skillful balance in a traditional Thai recipe.
The caffeine contained in the preparation corresponds to 35/40% of that of a normal coffee and is characterized by a slow absorption, which gives a feeling of balanced well-being. The aroma of ginseng does not upset the basic taste, consisting of already sweetened Arabica quality coffee. A 20g serving provides 88 Kcal.

Pack of 20 doses of 20g 

Ginseng: revitalizing and energetic tonic properties that make it capable of increasing physical and mental vigor, giving a state of general well-being.
Able to regulate, balance and normalize physical functions, strengthen the immune system and purify the body of toxins.