CHF 13.70

Protect your coffee machine! O.SCA.R. is an innovative anti-limescale system.

 The Filter is the solution to limescale problems for all machines not equipped with their own limescale filter. The filter contains ion exchange resins capable of softening the water and filtering impurities, greatly improving the quality of the coffee.

  • ✔ ORIGINALITY - Bilt guarantees OSCAR150 compliant with regulation (EC) 178/2002 and 852/2004 regulation for materials that can be used in fixed water treatment, adduction and distribution systems for human use.
  • ✔ WHERE TO USE IT - Oscar 150 is an innovative anti-limescale system for small hot drink dispensers for family or office use (OCS). It can be used as a domestic water purifier on all coffee machines, of any manufacturer brand to prevent limescale deposits.
  • ✔ WHY YOU NEED OSCAR 150 - The Oscar 150 osmotic filter allows you to soften the water and eliminate the formation of limescale, eliminates heavy metals and bacteria by canceling the interventions with the liquid descaler from your coffee machine.
  • ✔ PURE WATER WITHOUT BACTERIA - Thanks to the osmotic principle of saline solutions, it removes calcium, magnesium and heavy metal ions from the water, allowing you more safety and hygiene for a much better coffee with a unique flavor never tried before.
  • ✔ LASTS OVER TIME - The Oscar150 osmotic filter produced by Bilt has a duration of 12 months, or 2000 coffees, if it remains in the original packaging it lasts up to 18 months.

An excellent accessory to safeguard your coffee machine