Smile Elite Water Dispenser (REFURBISHED) of Asset

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The Smile Elite water dispenser is characterized by a minimal design and small size.

Thanks to the practical LED display, you will always have an eye on the number of liters supplied and the days of operation and more ... in the event of a malfunction, you will find the description of the problem on the display, so as to make any repair operation economical it's fast.

At any time, you can adjust the temperature of the water dispensed to your liking.

Smile Elite Water Dispenser:

- Ambient Natural Water
- Cold Still Water
- Cold Carbonated Water

0.5 micron microfiltration system with Everpure AC filter.


Additional Information

Production of cold and carbonated water

15 litres/hour

Temperature of the water supplied

4 – 8°C

Delivery point height


Cooling system

direct chill

Absorption (max)

230 watts

Dimensions (cm)

24 (W) x 42 (D) x 37 (H)