Quick-Slim 20 water dispenser of Onnwater

CHF 2,800.00

QUICK-SLIM 20, The Office Water Purifier That Can Contain A 4Kg Co2 Cylinder

The high-level design makes it perfect for offices and wellness centres. The 8mm thick front tempered glass makes it long-lasting. It is possible to hang it on the wall with special brackets and it is possible to dispense the water using pedals. The full touch display allows ample customization possibilities. It can dispense room still, cold still, cold sparkling and hot water.

Available in 2 colors: White or Black (ask for availability before purchase)

The perfect solution for the office

Elegant and with an exclusive design, they offer high performance, low energy consumption and guarantee maximum hygiene thanks to the innovative COOLHYBRID® cooling system.

The integrated cup holder for 100 completes the series and makes it always ready for use.

  • Insure one high and constantly monitored water quality
  • Delivery of room temperature, chilled and sparkling water at the push of a button
  • warns when the filter needs to be replaced
  • Offers maximum comfort and cost savings

Possibility of renting and buying in installments.

  • 20 L / hour of cold water
  • Water temperature: adjustable from 4 to 12 °C
  • Flood protection with safety sensor
  • Compact and complete tabletop solution
  • Manual or programmable dosage
  • Possibility of direct discharge
  • Supply voltage: 220-240V 50Hz
  • Power: 160w-0.7A
  • Gross weight: from 25 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 35×23.2×115.9cm