Essentia Clean Washing Machine Care of ESSENTIA

CHF 10.90

The washing machine care Essentia Clean is a Professional Descaling and Sanitizing Cleaner , also used in HACCP food safety programs.

Thanks to the Braking Foam formulation the washing machine care< /strong> is ideal for internal cleaning, eliminates deposits and unpleasant odors and guarantees the machine better functioning and longer life over time.

The correct cleaning of the internal ducts from detergent and fabric softener residues is very important to obtain the best activation of the fragrance of the essential oils on the clothes being washed.

The product is supplied in a 500 ml bottle, necessary for 1 complete treatment that guarantees total cleaning for up to 50 washes, it is recommended to repeat the treatment at least 3/6 times a day year.

The most well-known problems for washing machines are  formation of limestone, mold and deposits of sand and mineral substances, mainly due to the hardness of the water and the appearance of bad smells. p>

Keeping the filter, the seals and the basket perfectly clean, thanks to the washing machine care it is possible to ensure a long life for your washing machine, as well as obtaining softer and more fragrant laundry.
Special attention must however also be reserved for the external parts, given that very often, this appliance is placed in the kitchen or in another environment where it is visible, and aesthetics is an important part.