Classic Nature Cracker of Hug

CHF 3.20

DAR-VIDA Classic Nature

Wholemeal crackers

DAR-VIDA Natures taste good as is or with something on top and are just the right size for a bite between times.

WHOLE SOIL WHEAT FLOUR 89%, rapeseed oil 8%, sea salt, yeast, BARLEY MALT EXTRACT, raising agent (sodium carbonates). It may contain traces of SESAME SEEDS.

Pack of 5 pieces

Nutritional values per 100 g
kJ  1732
kcal  412
Fat  11 g  of which saturated 1.1 g
Carbohydrates  62 g  of which sugars 1  g
Fiber 10  g
Protein  12 g
Salt 1.6  g

5 Pocket-Pack of 208 g

Ideal for "snacks or snacks".

Pack of 5 100% Wholemeal packets