White Chocolate in 32g single portions of Univerciok

CHF 22.00

WHITE chocolate

Our range is the ideal solution to heat even the coldest winters.

For over thirty years our Chocolates and Hot Creams have been the symbol of the exceptional quality that characterizes us.
Produced since 1983 only with artisanal methods and with raw materials of the highest level, rigorously selected, they guarantee our customers an unmistakable taste and the certainty of a quality product. In the "hot sweets" line, the best cocoa blends blend with the most surprising flavors to give life to 18 flavors of hot chocolate and 9 flavors of refined hot creams. Rediscover all the flavor of tradition with the great classics Univerciok, BLANCA and QUALITY and let yourself be overwhelmed by the most exotic and innovative flavors.
The convenient single-serving sachets guarantee the quick and easy preparation of always perfect and delicious chocolates, excellent to be enjoyed comfortably at home.

30 servings in 32g sachets

1 sachet + 125cc whole or skim milk equal to a thick cup
1 sachet + 140cc whole or skim milk equal to one fluid cup


may contain Milk and milk derivatives