Cappuccino capsules compatible Dolce Gusto 16 capsules of Gimoka

CHF 6.40

16 INSTANT CAPSULES CAPPUCCINO GIMOKA FLAVOR (8 + 8)  compatible Nescafè dolce gusto.
From the harmonious encounter between a soft cloud of milk and the delicate pleasure of coffee, a creamy cappuccino with a perfect and consistent foam is born.


Compatibility Nescafè® Dolce Gusto®

The collection of Gimoka capsules compatible with Nescafé Dolce Gusto offers coffee lovers a new safe haven: thanks to the different qualities and flavors in the shop, everyone can find and choose their favorite. A range of high quality flavors, a different one for each moment, with the possibility of even taking off the whim of a cappuccino or a real chocolate.