Gran Bar Blu coffee beans 1 Kg of Caffè Borbone

CHF 18.00

Borbone coffee beans Gran Bar Blu Line 1 Kg

With a balanced and round taste, full-bodied, creamy and at the same time perfectly roasted and golden to give you a unique coffee. The thirty years of experience of the technical staff of Caffe Borbone has allowed us for years to prepare the best coffees on the market for the bar line. Caffe Borbone Gran Bar Blue Blend is the blend suitable for those expecting a strong, full-bodied and creamy coffee. It comes from a perfect and accurate dosage that blends Arabica and Robusta quality together with the right level of roasting. The particular attention to roasting and cooking times allows you to obtain a coffee full of flavor and with a strong and inimitable character.

1 Kg package