AmodoMio compatible coffee capsules tasting pack 3 x 16 capsules of Guglielmo

CHF 20.00

Guglielmo LespressoMio Coffee Tasting Kit 48 capsules 16 per type

Roasted coffee blend, packaged in modose capsules compatible with LAVAZZA A MODO MIO® machines *
Our LespressoMio capsules are compatible with LAVAZZA A MODO MIO® brand machines for domestic use. **
Try our special Tasting Pack and choose your favorite LespressoMio capsules!

Carton containing 48 LespressoMio capsules of which:
16 Capsules LespressoMio Arabica 100%
16 LespressoMio Classico Capsules
16 LespressoMio Decaffeinated Capsules