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MokaShop Water cooler, we want to offer you alternatives to waste and environmental pollution.
The decision to use the bottle and the columns to dispense water in the office, at home, in waiting rooms and in catering establishments, these are certainly solutions that can help save money, but also safeguard our planet .
Agnelli Piero S.r.l. - Bottled water

Both the bottle and the columns water dispensers are a valid alternative to plastic bottles, a convenient, economical, but above all environmentally friendly choice, always having quality water available, chilled or at room temperature, still or sparkling.


MokaShop is a Brita partner, so we use excellent filters to purify the water in your home, eliminating all impurities and improving its taste and quality.
Really very beneficial
No more weights to lift, no more bags of bottles to throw away, no panic of running out of water!!!
Whether you are a private individual, a company or a company, call us now for a free quote and we will find the best solution for your needs.

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