Purchase of Calabrian specialties Chur Chur Switzerland

Jun 4, 2021by Armando Serravalle

We have a new mission in reserve for you to do! We want to bring the best Calabrian recipes to your tables, we have dedicated a part of our site to all the typical specialties of Calabria, to let you savor all its delicacies, which are the result of passion and centuries-old experience handed down from father to son.

Educare.it - ​​If I'm not the biological father ...
This new section is to create "Emotions" in you and these are stimulated based on our passions, what we eat and drink, based on our habits and many other factors as well as our character. So get excited with your palate today, and choose from all our proposals : Nduja , Fichi di Cosenza DOP , Crema Tropeana , Cime di Rape , Pepper stuffed with tuna ,aubergines , its organic extra virgin olive oil , Guglielmo coffee and much more

What are you waiting for, click HERE immediately and Calabria will be at your home in no time with free shipping upon reaching CHF 100.-

Come and discover them directly on our portal with a click and as a welcome we will immediately give you a PROMOTIONAL CODE of CHF 5.- for the purchase of at least CHF 10.- of products!!!

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