Jen Sen Strong Ginseng compatible Nespresso 15 capsules of Mokashop Switzerland

CHF 4.70

De' Gusto Lab Jen Sen Strong Ginseng From 15 Capsules:

Soluble preparation for coffee flavored drink with strong ginseng.
Ginseng Strong offers 0.8% ginseng compared to the classic drinks found on the market, for those who want to feel the accentuated flavor of this energizing plant.
Strong taste with pure ginseng extract and caramel notes.

sugar, skimmed milk powder , vegetable fats, instant coffee (9.8%), flavourings, ginseng (0.8%), E412.

15 Capsules compatible with Nespresso coffee machines.
The trademarks are not owned by Mokashop or by companies connected to it.
Products to be used with a special capsule machine.