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Today Mokashop would like to suggest some products for a healthy and tasty nutritious breakfast but above all with healthy and simple ingredients!
Grondona breakfast products have all these characteristics.
The breakfast biscuit must have many qualities. Grondona knows how to interpret them through the richness of the ingredients, the processing, the natural leavening from white mother that has kept its yeast alive for almost two centuries without ever adding selected or foreign yeasts.
Exactly you got it right!!! we are talking about sourdough, which is full of benefits for our body, we would like to list some of them below:

Sourdough causes a lower blood sugar increase, and therefore a lower insulin production.

Our body is very rich in millions of bacteria that help us live and those present in mother yeast are part of the family of beneficial bacteria useful for keeping our body in harmony and balance.
Finally, mother yeast promotes the absorption of nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, folic acid, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium.
Grondona breakfast products are therefore not only tasty, but also good for your body.

Consequently, among the benefits of sourdough, the better tolerability and digestibility must be considered as they modify or eliminate the protein particles that can trigger wheat intolerance and celiac disease!
Come and discover HERE the products for your tasty and healthy breakfast!

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