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May 11, 2023by Armando Serravalle

If you are a fan of coffee, tea, herbal teas and infusions, the multi-brand portal is the perfect place to find everything you are looking for.

In this article, we will explain why it is better to buy on the portal.

  1. Large selection of products offers a wide range of high-quality products to choose from. From espresso coffee to herbal tea, from green tea to rooibos, from coffee blends to capsules compatible with the Nespresso system, you will surely find the product that meets your needs and taste.
  2. Guaranteed quality selects products carefully, ensuring that they are of high quality and satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers. Furthermore, the portal only offers products from the best brands in the sector, including Lavazza, Chicco d'oro, Nespresso, Borbone, Twinings Tea and many others.
  3. Convenience and savings Purchasing on the portal is convenient and allows you to save. The portal offers competitive prices and unmissable promotions, furthermore, shipping is free for orders over 100 CHF, you can also take advantage of exclusive discounts for regular customers and for large quantities of products purchased.
  4. Ease of purchase Purchasing on the portal is simple and fast. You can browse through different product categories, read product descriptions and add them to your cart with just one click. We have several payment methods, including credit card, PayPal and bank transfer.
  5. Excellent customer service The team is always available to help you with every need. You can contact customer service via email or telephone and receive assistance with any questions or problems.

Come and visit us on the portal with the widest range of products for your coffee break MOKASHOP.CH

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