Coffee capsules compatible Espresso Point Ginseng 16 capsules of To.Da. Caffè

CHF 6.40

L’Espresso Gattopardo GINSENG coffee capsules compatible with Espresso Point system machines Excellent soluble drink with a GINSENG flavor
The same taste as that of the bar
Storage To be consumed preferably within 18 months from the production date
Ingredients Sugar, Glucose syrup, Instant coffee (14%), Non-hydrogenated coconut vegetable fats, Stabilizers (E340, E331), Flavors, Ginseng extract (1%), Milk protein, Emulsifier (E471), Acidity regulator : sodium bicarbonate..
Allergenic substances: Milk, lactose and derivatives. It may contain gluten and traces of nuts.
Nutritional values for 100 g of soluble product Energy value: 431 kcal / 1817 kJ
Protein: 3.3 g
Carbohydrates: 78 g
Lipids: 12 g

Packs of 16 capsules.