Ragusa Blond Chocolate Bar 3 x 100g of Camille Bloch

CHF 6.45

Chocolate, as we know, is not just a food, but a real panacea for the mood. With this chocolate bar you can truly experience moments of pure joy: fine Swiss chocolate with a tender praline filling and crunchy whole hazelnuts. An unmistakable composition that has become a true classic appreciated all over the world!

Store in a cool, dry place.

Taste: sweet
Provenance: Switzerland
Allergens: H - nuts
Type of product: sweet snack


  • sugar
  • hazelnuts (of which 9% whole)
  • 20% caramelized milk powder
  • cocoa butter
  • coconut oil
  • soybean meal
  • cocoa mass
  • rapeseed lecithin
  • vanilla extract
  • 58% praline filling
  • 33% white chocolate (minimum cocoa 23%)
  1. emulsifier

May contain traces of almonds.


Nutritional values ​​ per 100 g
energy value 2437/582 kj / kcal
fat 38 g
of which saturated fat 16 g
carbohydrates 51 g
of which sugar 48 g
proteins 8 g ​​
fibers 2 g
salt 0.01 g