CHF 13.50

Bilt Original Universal Descaler Filter Bilt Nical Softener for all Coffee Machines with Pods or Capsules, Osmotic Descaler, Osmosis Filter Nical 900b

  • ✔ ORIGINALITY - Bilt guarantees Nical as ONE AND ONLY ORGINAL product created and manufactured in Italy, MADE IN ITALY, as a softener for all coffee machines that use pods and capsules equipped with suction tube.
  • ✔ WHERE TO USE IT - Nical is an innovative system for the coffee machine, WATER SOFTENER AND FILTER it adapts to the machine with tank of various brands such as, NESPRESSO, LAVAZZA, DE LONGHI, inlet connection diameter of the Nical line is 6 mm . Can be used as a water softener for Espresso Coffee Machines with Pods or Capsules.
  • ✔ WHY YOU NEED NICAL - The Nical filter allows you to Soften the water and eliminate the formation of limescale, it eliminates heavy metals and bacteria by canceling the interventions with the liquid descaler from your coffee machine. Osmotic Filter for Water of Espresso Coffee Machines with PODS or CAPSULES.
  • ✔ PURE WATER WITHOUT BACTERIA - Thanks to the principle with which it has been made of saline solutions, it removes calcium, magnesium and heavy metal ions from the water, allowing you more safety and hygiene for a much better coffee with a unique flavor never tried before.
  • ✔ LASTS OVER TIME - The Nical Softener filter produced by Bilt has a duration of 18 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF INSTALLATION, the most durable product on the market. ORIGINAL Osmotic Filter
  • Nical 900B  : softens the water more decisively, suitable for areas with particularly hard water, better protection and filtration in normal water conditions

An excellent accessory to safeguard your coffee machine